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Working with the Source Code in Microsoft Access


Before you can work with NetView's source code in Microsoft Access be sure to have the TFS integration ready. For instructions refer to Getting started with TFS and Access

Creating the NetView project (mdb) from Source Control

1. Setting the default database format

NetView is targeting Access 2002 (Office XP) and above. Therefore, the file format is Access 2002/2003. Unfortunately the files that the Access source control integration creates, seem to not contain the information about the target file version of the database. Therefore, before getting creating the NetView project database for the first time, be sure to have the default database format of your local Access installation set to "Access 2002" (for Access 2002) or "Access 2002/2003" (for Access 2003 and above).

Instructions for your Access version:
Setting the Default file format in Access 2002 and Access 2003
Setting the Default file format in Access 2010 (and propably 2007)

2. Start Creating the local NetView project (mdb) from TFS

Choose "Create database from Team Foundation-Project" from the "Tools - Team Foundation" menu (Access 2002/2003) or "Create from Team Foundation" from the Source Control ribbon (Access 2007/2010).

Access 2002 (here: German version):
Access 2010:

3. Setting up the Connection to the Team Foundation Server at CodePlex

Remark: This has to be done only the first time. Once the TFS connection is set up correctly, you can connect to the TFS immediately.
On the first login you have to provide your login credentials:
For your credentials refer to the Source Code tab, Source Control section to the right, Team Explorer Everywhere.

4. Choose the Team Foundation Server

(!!! Setting up the connection to the Team Foundation Server at CodePlex)

5. Add your CodePlex credentials to your user account

In order to being not forced to enter the CodePlex credentials every time you connect to the Team Foundation Server you should consider adding the credentials to your windows account.
a) Run control userpasswords2
b) In the advanced tab choose "Manage Passwords"
c) Add your credentials for the CodePlex TFS
Windows XP - German:
Windows 7 - (Shortcut by typing "Credential Manager" into start menu search box): add a windows credential:

6. Choosing the NetView folder

(Mapping the local workspace)

7. Starting the Creation

Source Code Control Results.png
Source Code Control Success MsgBox.png

Known issues

Message "SCC Integration can't find localized Resources" on Access startup:
Make a copy of addsccde.dll and name it addsccUS.dll (in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Developer\Productivity Tools)

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