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Playing Around with NetView

Get and prepare the playground

  • Get the latest release of NetView: Download from the DOWNLOADS tab.
  • Extract the zip-file to some folder
  • Open the contained file NetView_Playground.mdb
  • (For Access 2007 and above) Enable accessing the active content for that file

See it in action

  • Open the form PlaygroundEmbedded
  • Double click on the background - the properties form for the control pops up
  • Click on the Requery button
  • See what happened in the control

Fiddle with the whole control

  • Move the content around by clicking in the background with the Ctrl key held down and moving around - watch the Mapping tab while you do so!
  • Change the databinding settings (press Requery to see it work)
  • Change some properties in the Mapping tab and see what happens
  • Inspect the Other tab

Fiddle with individual items

  • Double click an item - the properties form for that item pops up
  • Move and size the item and watch how the positioning properties change - you can also do it the other way around.

Inspect the code behind the playground form

  • Switch to the VisualBasic Editor
  • Open the code for Form_PlaygroundEmbedded
  • See what happens in Form_Open, especially the With-block.
  • Remark: Mind that much of the code in this playground form will not be necessary in your own projects using NetView. Big parts of this code are just used to set up the interaction with the properties forms mentioned above. Please refer to Getting started with Using NetView to see what is needed to use the control in your own projects.


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