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How to contribute Source Code


  1. Have a clear understanding of what you are going to do - Ideally, you already discussed your ideas on a discussion list here on the project site.
  2. Become a developer on the project - Get in contact with the project coordinator.
  3. Get your machine ready - refer to Getting started with TFS and Access

Contribute to the source code

Do not check in into the main dev branch $/AccessNetView/Dev!

1. Create a feature branch

Remark: For more information on the concept of feature branching (with pros and cons) refer to this article by Martin Fowler and this video.
To create the branch, use the Source Control Explorer in Visual Studio, right click the Dev-branch, click on Branching and Merging, Branch..., set the Target Branch Name to $/AccessNetView/Contributions/<MyFeature>. Do not use any other targets for the branch. When you expand the Contributions-folder, you should see your newly created branch.

2. Create the Access file for development from this branch

To develop using this branch, make sure to select the NetView folder from your feature branch (and not from the main dev branch)

3. Work on your feature

Now that you have your feature branch in place, you can work on your feature on your own. Please checkin often using descriptive checkin comments.

4. Communicate when you feel you're done

When you want to actually release your contributions to the project, leave a message at the discussion list (create a new thread). All interested, but at least the project coordinator will review your contributions and discuss it.

5. Merging into the main dev branch

Once your contribution is discussed, refined and accepted, the project coordinator will merge it back into the main branch. From that time on, your contribution is part of the whole story. Yess!

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