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How to Undo the Checkout of Unchanged Objects

To keep the changesets clean it is good practice not to check in files that have not been changed. To look through all the checked out files prior to a checkin might be a tedious task.*. With the Team Foundation Power Tools there comes a command line tool tfpt.exe that comes in handy with that respect.

Even if you do not use this feature, beginning with Team Foundation Server 2010, files that are checked out but remained unchanged will automatically not be included in the changeset.

How to Add an "Undo Fake Changes" Custom Tool to Visual Studio

This setup requires the Team Foundation Server Power Tools. Download and install them from the Visual Studio Gallery.
  1. Go to Tools - External Tools
  2. Fill in the following infos:
    • Title: Undo &Fake Changes (AccessNetView)
    • Command: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools\TFPT.EXE
    • Arguments: uu /recursive /noget
    • Initial Directory: (Path of your lokal workspace folder for $/AccessNetView/Dev/NetView)
Note: This is the folder "NetView.scc".
  1. Click on the button "Add"

There seems to be a bug in the Visual Studio Shell (I did not see this in full versions of Visual Studio) that the first five external tool do not show up in the Tools menu. Therefore, you have to add five fake external tools and arrange your Undo Fake Changes entry below those. Use some valid exe (such as "cmd.exe") as command.
You might end up with something like this:

How to Undo all False Check Outs

  1. Checkin all changes only from Access
Use the Checkin command from within Access and select all changed objects (from all object types)
Note Do not checkin in the following Visual Studio dialog
  1. Run the "Undo Fake Changes" Tool in Visual Studio
After performing all the steps listed above, you should find a new menu item "Undo Fake Changes" in your Visual Studio's Tools menu. Clicking on it starts the configured command and should a command prompt window similar to this:
Type "Y" to undo the checkout of the files.
  1. Update the Status of the Objects in Access
To let Access update the status of the now undone objects, use the "Refresh Object Status" command from the Access' Team Foundation Server menu (under Tools menu):

* Although it is also a good way to getting even more confidence to your check ins if you look over them using your favorite diff-tool. Not to mention that being a last resort of identifying forgotten tasks.

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