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Getting Started with TFS and Access


What you need to get an mdb-file with the full source code of Access NetView.
Software in this section is needed only if you want to play around with the latest version of the source code hosted here on CodePlex. You do not need all this stuff if you just want to use the control (as with the mdb-download from the project's Home.

TFS Integration

Source Control Integration for Microsoft Access

Access 2002

  • Developer Extensions (Commercial Product)

Access 2003

Access 2007

Access 2010

Be sure to run Windows Update after your installations and get all the updates installed on your machine.

Working with the Source Code in Access

For instructions on how to access the source code from within Access refer to Working with the Source Code in Microsoft Access

NetView uses AccUnit for running the unit tests. To make your source compile you have to install AccUnit. See Running the Unit Tests for more information.

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