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Crash of Access on Get Latest

During development, we used different versions of Access: Access XP, Access 2003 and Access 2010. When getting sources in Access XP, we sometimes experienced crashes of Access. In this page we want to describe these scenarios and ways to avoid them or workaround them.

Beginning with changeset 19565 we stopped using Access XP. Since then we experienced no oddities as described in this page.

Crash Scenarios

Changes to forms

  • Getting latest version using a version of Access that is older than the version the changes have been made if there are changes to forms.
The following parts of the checked-in ACF-files appear different:
  • Checksum
  • GUIDs
  • NameMap on top level
  • UnicodeAccessKey (Regex find pattern ^\s*UnicodeAccessKey =\d*s*$\r\n)
  • Some bytes in the beginning of a PictureData block


The exact reason is somewhat unclear. It appears that it is some text within the checked in representation of object modules (i.e. form modules) that cannot be recognized by the Access version one tries to import to.

Tools to reconcile:

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