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Axes and Device/World-Mapping

What Device? What World?

Access NetView allows the developer to work solely in his problem domain (World, e.g. some date/time values for a scheduling application), and takes away the burden of calculating actual sizes as needed for the screen (Device, basically screen coordinates in twips).

This separation allows for a great flexibility in displaying the data. Access NetView supports all eight possible combinations of how to display data on two orthogonal axes.

Let's say your in your problem domain you can imagine a graphical representation like this:
Hint: the twisted image is just to denote that your world, i.e. problem domain might not have a spacial orientation per se.

Just by providing a different value for Access NetView's Orientation property, the world can be represented in eight different ways:

With the Orientation property you can freely choose if let's say your time axis shall be drawn along the x- or the y-axis and in what direction the increasing values should be drawn.


In the TruckTerminals sample application (refer to Download tab), you can see this in action.

In the following configuration, the time runs from left to right, while the different resources run from top to bottom:

Just by changing the Orientation property, you can provide your user the possiblity to twist the drawing to let the time run from top to bottom:
Hint: As denoted above, Access NetView supports all eight possible orientations. The sample just brings the two shown above to the user interface.



1st Axis

Name: Horizontal Axis
Symbol: X
Physical orientation: horizontal left to right
Name of the position: Left
Name of the extent: Width

2nd Axis

Name: Vertical Axis
Symbol: Y
Physical orientation: vertical top to bottom
Name of the position: Top
Name of the extent: Height


1st Axis

Name: Axis 1
Symbol: a1
Physical orientation: n/a (perpendicular to Axis 2)
Name of the position: Position1
Name of the extent: Extent1

2nd Axis

Name: Axis 2
Symbol: a2
Physical orientation: n/a (perpendicular to Axis 1)
Name of the position: Position2
Name of the extent: Extent2


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