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About Generating the API Documentation

The documentation of the public facing API is created directly from the source code.
These are the bits and pieces:
  • Documentation is provided inline along with the source code. TODO The format for this has to be documented.
  • MZ-Tools' feature "Generate XML documentation" is used to export the code structure along with the comments to an XML file.
  • An XSL transformation is used to transform the XML output into a HTML documentation. The xslt can be found under the Documentation folder in the source control.
  • t.b.d. The generated HTML page has to be published in some proper way. How can be nicely integrate it with the codeplex site?


Comment the Code

  • Integrate meaningful comments to the source code (but please - don't pollute it with blabla).

Improve the xslt

  • There is currently the problem that for properties there is a separate section for the getter and the setter. That's confusing.

Decide on a format

  • Currently API documentation as found online for Office development is used. This format seems a little bit optically verbose and does not fit well into the appearance of the Codeplex site.

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