What It Is

A native control for Microsoft Access forms to display and interact with multidimensional data. It supports databinding for texts, colors, position, size, ...

That's how it can look like in action (all positions, colors and texts are databound):

The main setup for this sample is done via the following piece of code:
Screenshot and code are taken from the TruckTerminals sample (refer to the downloads tab).

How To Use It

Please refer to the project Documentation on instruction how to use it.

Latest News

  • Current
  • 2012
    • (Oct 15th) Fixed release and documentation (back to non-mde version)
    • (Oct 12th) New Release (DevVersion 20453 - All Eight Orientations) including the latest contributions.
    • (Oct 8th) We're excited about the first contributions out of the community: User Rokos thankfully managed to implement Device/World-Mapping for all the eight orientations. Being the first code contrib, we could prove that our collaboration model seems to work quite fine.
    • (Oct 1st) We startet a discussion (New Name?) about a new name. Please share your ideas!
    • (Oct 1st) Special thanks to Lorenz Hölscher for providing a first draft for a logo!

How you can help

Give Input

  • What do you like?
  • What is desperately missing? (The project is not nearly done!)
  • What features would make the most sense to you? What should we add immediately?

Spread the News

  • Talk, mail, blog, tweet, ... about it
  • Help with the documentation here on CodePlex
  • Create tutorials and share your links.

Stay up-to-date

  • Become a project follower (use the link "Follow" in the top right of the page).
  • Subscribe to a project feed in your favourite news-reader (use the link "Subscribe to Project" above)

Contribute Source Code

The project is open to accept source code contributions. For instructions on how to do this, refer to the project Documentation.

Further Information

Product Backlog
Feature Specifications


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